Lake Valdayskoye

Valdai Lake

River-boat type "Zarya" on the Valdai Lake.
Location Valdai Hills, Novgorod Oblast
Coordinates 57°59′N 33°18′E / 57.983°N 33.300°E / 57.983; 33.300Coordinates: 57°59′N 33°18′E / 57.983°N 33.300°E / 57.983; 33.300
Catchment area 97.2 square kilometres (37.5 sq mi)[1]
Basin countries Russia
Surface area 19.7 square kilometres (7.6 sq mi)[1]
Average depth 12 m (39 ft)[2]
Max. depth 60 m (200 ft)[2]
Settlements Valday

Lake Valdayskoye, Lake Valdai (Russian: Валдайское озеро, озеро Валдай) is a freshwater lake, located in the center of Valdaysky District of Novgorod Oblast in Russia, in the middle of the Valdai Hills. It is one of the biggest lakes in Novgorod Oblast. The area of the lake (without islands) is 19.7 square kilometres (7.6 sq mi),[3] and the area of its basin is 97.2 square kilometres (37.5 sq mi). The average depth of Lake Valdayskoye is 12 metres (39 ft) (the deepest point is 60 metres (200 ft)). The lake freezes up in early December and stays icebound until early May. The lake is located in the center of Valdaysky National Park.

The town of Valday is located on the southwestern shore of the lake. One of the islands is occupied by the Valday Iversky Monastery. Besides Valday, there are also several villages all around the lake. The lake is connected to a smaller lake, Lake Uzhin, by an anabranch. Lake Uzhin is the source of the Valdayka River, which belongs to the river basin the Msta River and thus to the Baltic Sea basin.

The lake has almost a round shape with a large bay appended to it from the northwest. There are several islands on the lake, the biggest of which is Rudnev Island. It is connected by the dambs to the lake coast in the south and to Iversky Monastery in the north.

Lake Valdayskoye is located in the center of Valdai Hills, and is surrounded by many lakes. Many of these lakes drain into Lake Valdayskoye or into the Valdayka. The basion of the lake comprises all of the northeastern part of Valdaysky District.

The lake is a popular tourist destination, with many recreation facilities on its shores. In particular, the first meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club was held on the lake.

The lake is navigable. There is a cruiser ship running between the town of Valday and the Iversky Monastery.


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