Lake Vadkert

Lake Vadkert
Location Soltvadkert
Coordinates 46°36′55″N 19°23′35″E / 46.61528°N 19.39306°E / 46.61528; 19.39306Coordinates: 46°36′55″N 19°23′35″E / 46.61528°N 19.39306°E / 46.61528; 19.39306
Basin countries Hungary

Lake Vadkert (sometimes also called Büdös-tó, "Stinky Lake") is a lake nearby the town of Soltvadkert, Hungary. It became one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary since it had similar features to Lake Balaton, but cheaper prices and no overcrowding.


Lake Vadkürt was first mentioned on military maps in the 1780s. Although it dried out during the centuries, today it is nationally known for its clean water and great beaches. It contains 70 ha of water.

One side of the lake is used for fishing, the other is for swimming. There are bungalows all around the lake and a dozen restaurants. There are a couple of camping places mostly used by young people.

Summer programs

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