Lake Upemba

Lake Upemba
Location Bukama, Haut-Lomami District
Coordinates 8°36′S 26°26′E / 8.6°S 26.44°E / -8.6; 26.44Coordinates: 8°36′S 26°26′E / 8.6°S 26.44°E / -8.6; 26.44
Basin countries Democratic Republic of the Congo
Islands (floating islands, Mitala Island)

Lake Upemba is a lake in Bukama, Haut-Lomami District, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It, and nearby Lake Kisale, is surrounded by the Upemba Depression in Upemba National Park. The nearest town is Nyonga, and the nearest hospital is located four hours away in Kikondja.

The floating islands in the lake, such Mitala Island, are also the site of an informal refugee settlement that resulted from the fighting between Mai-Mai rebels and government troops since 2006.[1][2][3]


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