Lake Güija

Lake Güija
Lago de Güija

With San Diego volcano
Location Jutiapa, Santa Ana
Coordinates 14°16′N 89°31′W / 14.267°N 89.517°W / 14.267; -89.517Coordinates: 14°16′N 89°31′W / 14.267°N 89.517°W / 14.267; -89.517
Type Volcanic dam
Primary inflows Ostúa River
Basin countries Guatemala, El Salvador
Surface area 45 km²
Surface elevation 430 m
Official name Complejo Güija
Designated December 16, 2010 [1]

Lake Güija is a lake in Central America. The lake is situated on the border between Guatemala and El Salvador and has an area of 45 km², of which approximately 32 km² lies in El Salvador.[2][3]

The lake is of volcanic origin and was formed by a large basaltic lava flow from the San Diego volcano which blocked the Güija depression's original drainage.[4] Lake Güija is fed by the Ostúa, Angue and Cusmapa rivers and is drained on its southeastern side by the río Desagüe, a tributary of the río Lempa. The lake is surrounded by the volcanic cones of the Mita, San Diego and Cerro Quemado. The Salvadoran side of the lake has several small isles: Teotipa, Cerro de Tule and Iguatepec, where a substantial number of pre-Columbian céramics have been discovered since excavations started in 1924. Bosque San Diego La Barra lies on the eastern side of the lake.

World Heritage Status

This site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on September 21, 1992 in the Mixed (Cultural + Natural) category.[5]


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