Lake Coghinas

Lake Coghinas
Lago di Coghinas
Location Northern Sardinia
Coordinates 40°44′27″N 9°02′32″E / 40.740754°N 9.042091°E / 40.740754; 9.042091Coordinates: 40°44′27″N 9°02′32″E / 40.740754°N 9.042091°E / 40.740754; 9.042091
Type artificial lake
Primary inflows Coghinas River, Rio Mannu
Primary outflows Coghinas River
Basin countries Italy
Surface area 17.8 km2
Water volume 254,000,000 m3

Lake Coghinas (Italian: Lago di Coghinas) is an artificial lake, in northern Sardinia, Italy, located between the provinces of Sassari and Olbia-Tempio. With a surface of 17.8 km² and a capacity of 254 millions cubic metres of water, it is the second largest lake in the region (second only to Lake Omodeo) and one of the major reservoirs in Italy.

The dam, constructed under Fascism in 1924, is 185 metres long and 58 metres wide. It has the function of water supply, but also it has a hydroelectric power plant.

The lake is the home of a rich ecosystem, and it is become a tourist attraction, around its shores are present a youth hostel, restaurants, a sailing club.

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