Lago di Livigno

Lago di Livigno
Location Grisons, Lombardy
Coordinates 46°37′20″N 10°11′36″E / 46.62222°N 10.19333°E / 46.62222; 10.19333Coordinates: 46°37′20″N 10°11′36″E / 46.62222°N 10.19333°E / 46.62222; 10.19333
Primary inflows Spöl, Acqua del Gallo, Canale Torto, Torrente Federia
Primary outflows Spöl
Catchment area 295 km2 (114 sq mi)
Basin countries Italy, Switzerland
Surface area 4.71 km2 (1.82 sq mi)
Max. depth 119 m (390 ft)
Water volume 164.6×10^6 m3 (5.81×10^9 cu ft)
Surface elevation 1,805 m (5,922 ft)
Settlements Livigno

Lago di Livigno or Lago del Gallo is a reservoir in the Livigno valley. The reservoir is mostly in Italy whereas the Punt dal Gall arch dam is crossed by the border with Switzerland (Zernez, Grisons).

The reservoir's surface area is 4.71 km².

The reservoir has a capacity of 164 million m³. Its minimum and maximum water levels above sea level are at 1,700 metres and 1,805 metres respectively. Since its construction, this reservoire had been off-limits for any activity, such as wind-surfing or rowing, until the summer of 2005, when Italy's National Rowing team was authorized to train on the lake.

Map of the lake.

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