Lacus Oblivionis

Lacus Oblivionis

LRO WAC image
Coordinates 21°00′S 168°00′W / 21.0°S 168.0°W / -21.0; -168.0Coordinates: 21°00′S 168°00′W / 21.0°S 168.0°W / -21.0; -168.0
Diameter 50 km
Eponym Lake of Forgetfulness
Clementine mosaic

Lacus Oblivionis (latin for "Lake of Forgetfulness") is a small lunar mare on the surface of the Moon. It is located at 21.0° S, 168.0° W and is 50 km in diameter. The name was adopted by the IAU in 1976.[1]

The crater Mohorovičić R (satellite of Mohorovičić) lies to the northeast, and the crater Sniadecki Y (satellite of Sniadecki) lies to the southwest.


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