Lacus Bonitatis

Lacus Bonitatis
Coordinates 23°12′N 47°18′E / 23.2°N 47.3°E / 23.2; 47.3Coordinates: 23°12′N 47°18′E / 23.2°N 47.3°E / 23.2; 47.3
Diameter 92 km
Eponym Lake of Goodness

Lacus Bonitatis (Latin for Lake of Goodness) is a small lunar mare that lies to the northwest of the prominent crater Macrobius. Further to the north of Lacus Bonitatis is the Montes Taurus mountain range.

This mare is an irregular region of basaltic lava with uneven borders. The mare lies within a diameter of 92 km and the longest dimension trends from the southwest to the northeast. The selenographic coordinates of Lacus Bonitatis are 23°12′N 43°42′E / 23.2°N 43.7°E / 23.2; 43.7.

Oblique view from Apollo 17
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