La vecina

La vecina
Genre Telenovela
Created by Mónica Agudelo Tenorio
Written by
  • Edwin Valencia
  • Carmen Sepúlveda
  • Luis Reynoso
  • Lucero Suárez
Directed by
  • Claudia Elisa Aguilar
  • Juan Pablo Blanco
  • Víctor Soto
  • Bernardo Nájera
Theme music composer
  • Jorge Octavio Domínguez
  • Octavio Lara
Opening theme "La vecina" performed by Los Ángeles Azules
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 176
Executive producer(s) Lucero Suárez
Distributor Televisa Internacional
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format 480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original release May 25, 2015 (2015-05-25) – January 24, 2016 (2016-01-24)
Preceded by La sombra del pasado[1]
Followed by Un camino hacia el destino
Related shows La costeña y el cachaco (2003)
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La vecina, is a Mexican comedy-telenovela produced by Lucero Suárez for Televisa.[2][3] It is the remake of the telenovela La costeña y el cachaco produced in 2003 by RCN TV.[4] Univision is broadcasting La Vecina weekday afternoons at 3pm/2c replacing La rosa de Guadalupe.


The telenovela production beginning in 2014,[5] but it was not until February and March that the showing of the telenovela was confirmed.[6]


Sara ends a long courtship with Cheo and is fired from the hotel where she worked. Faced with this situation, she decides to leave San Gaspar for a few days with her uncle Simón an aeronautical engineer who is devoted to agriculture; and with Bruno who falls for Laura the wife of Pedro the local leader of the plunderers of gasoline.

In CONATROL, company dedicated to the distribution of petrol; the Director-General, Mr. Uribe decides to send the Eng. Antonio Andrade to the plant in San Gaspar, due to excessive theft of gasoline in the area. Antonio agrees to leave immediately, postponed his wedding with Isabel daughter of millionaire Guillermo Cisneros.

In San Gaspar, father Vicente , uncle of Sara, is the leader of "The winged" local football team whose rival is Fidel, the Commander of San Gaspar, leader of "The Gunners." Both scramble to take over "jaibolera" the maximum trophy of the local tournament.

Ricardo takes advantage of Antonio's absence in the Federal District to take his place, even to seducing Isabel who is engaged to Antonio, and also allying himself in secret with Pedro to pass confidential information about CONATROL.

The action binds Sara and Antonio first as neighbors and then when it comes to CONATROL to ask for work. Sara and Antonio come together during a weekend on an unexpected journey. A great attraction develops between the two despite their very different personalities.


Cast was confirmed on March 14, 2015.[7]

Main cast

Supporting cast

  • Alejandro Ibarra[9] as Padre Vicente Granados
  • Luis Gatica as Pedro Arango
  • Carlos Bracho as Ing. Juan Carlos Uribe
  • Arturo Carmona as Fidel Chávez
  • Pierre Angelo as Simón Esparza
  • María Alicia Delgado as Marina
  • Natalia Guerrero[10] as Isabel
  • Eduardo Shacklett as Anselmo
  • Javier Jattin[11] as Eliseo "Cheo" González
  • Violeta Isfel as Titina[12]
  • Sugey Abrego as Edwina Chávez[13]
  • Edsa Ramírez as Natalia
  • José Manuel Lechuga as Sebastián
  • Adalberto Parra as Eduardo Andrade
  • Ariane Pellicer as Ema de Andrade
  • José Montini as Pepe
  • Ricardo Fernández Rue as Roque
  • Alfredo Gatica as Ricardo Segura
  • Fernanda Vizuet as Laura de Arango
  • Mauricio Abularach as Bruno
  • Polo Monárrez as Nelson
  • Bibelot Mansur as Magdalena de Chávez
  • Maribel Lancioni as Ligia
  • Benjamín Rivero as Rafael
  • Luis Manuel Ávila as Ing. Gutiérrez
  • Itza Sodi as Enrique "Kike"
  • Mercedes Vaughan as Mercedes Esparza de Granados
  • Rolando Brito as Carmelo Arango
  • Lenny Zundel as Ing. Ignacio López
  • Roberto Romano as Elías
  • Solkin Ruz as Javier
  • Kevin Holt as David
  • Alex Otero as Vladimir Chávez
  • Alexandro as Juancho Granados Esparza
  • José Luis Badalt as Ramón
  • Gersón Martínez as Quintín
  • Benny Ibarra as Guillermo Cisneros[9]
  • Ricardo Kleinbaum as Marcelo / Guillermo Alfonso
  • Mariana Karr as Lucita
  • Moisés Muñoz as himself


La vecina (Original telenovela Soundtrack)
Soundtrack album by La vecina
Released July 20, 2015[14]
Recorded 2015
Label Fonarte Latino[14]
Producer Jorge Domínguez

The soundtrack is composed and performed by Jorge Domínguez.[15] It was released on July 20, 2015 by Fonarte Latino[14]

Track listing

No. TitlePerformer(s) Length
1. "Ella es[16]"  Jorge Domínguez 2:45
2. "Perdóname[17]"  Jorge Domínguez 2:14
3. "En menos de un segundo"  Jorge Domínguez 3:06
4. "Tus ojitos"  Jorge Domínguez 2:49
5. "Enfiestados"  Jorge Domínguez 2:32
6. "Este amor es para siempre"  Jorge Domínguez 2:59
7. "Decídete"  Jorge Domínguez 2:37
8. "Peligro de amor"  Jorge Domínguez 2:05
9. "Amor eléctrico"  Jorge Domínguez 2:55
10. "Te traigo serenata"  Jorge Domínguez 2:09
11. "Esta forma de amarte"  Jorge Domínguez 2:42
12. "Enamorado de ti"  Jorge Domínguez 3:04
13. "La Vecina (Variación Orquestada)"  Jorge Domínguez 3:19
14. "Perdóname (Variación Orquestada)"  Jorge Domínguez 1:21
15. "Cumbia azul"  Jorge Domínguez 2:30
16. "Tropicumbia San Gaspar"  Jorge Domínguez 0:56
17. "Difícil situación"  Jorge Domínguez 2:09
18. "Acapulco Cumbia"  Jorge Domínguez 1:31

Mexico broadcast

Timeslot (ET/PT) No. of
Premiered Ended
Date Premiere
Date Finale
Monday to Friday 6:10PM 176 May 25, 2015[18] 16.8[19] January 24, 2016[20] N/A


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