La Pobla de Vallbona

La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencian pronunciation: [la ˈpɔβla ðe la ˌvaʎˈβɔna]) is a town in the province of Valencia and autonomous community of Valencian Community, Spain.[1]

History of the shield of La Pobla de Vallbona

The shield of La Pobla de Vallbona was mainly created to avoid fraud and mistakes with documents or authorizations that each mayor of the towns of Spain issued. In 1848 the government implied as an obligation to use a stamp (shield) with the goal of not confusing documents. This is when La Pobla de Vallbona decided to use the shield that has been used since 1975. The shield is divided in three parts. The first part that is the largest has the 4 bars of Aragón; thus this shows that the origins of the town were established taking into account Aragón’s costumes. Then, there are two smaller divisions one have 3 “moreras” of sinople (three green trees); representing how abundant is the town with trees and agriculture. The last division has a blue background that indicates loyalty and also there is the “caserio de plata” (some kind of houses) that makes reference of the name “Pobla” that is the unique characteristic of the vallbonenses: Loyalty. Lastly, one can see at the top the Royal Crown.


Access to La Pobla de Vallbona can be either through the highway CV-35 or also through the Valencia Metro line 1.


In the municipality of La Pobla de Vallbona besides the urban core one can also found the following towns:

Casa Blanca
Camp del Turia
La Conarda
Pla dels Aljubs


After the highway with access to Valencia was finished, the population almost doubled due to the proximity to the city. In general, this increased the local trade in the town. Additionally, the agriculture in the town throughout years has been abandoned. But, recently new farmers have been arriving and enriching the fields. Although the fields tend to be small they attract a lot of visitors because it allows people to have pleasant walks through crops such as oranges, orchards, mandarins, artichokes, onions and olives.


In La Pobla de Vallbona they are some important monuments that make part of the culture of the valencian people and of the history of their town these are:

“Ermita de San Sebastian” (Sculpture)

“Ermita Mas de Tous” (Sculpture)

“Iglesia Santiago Apostol” (Church)

“Iglesia de la Santísima Trinidad y San José” (Church)

“La Casa Bernal” (House)

“La Casa Gran” (House)


Futbol (Soccer) La Pobla de Vallbona has a futbol club named “Atletico Vallbonense”. This club is recognized among the entire region because they have a lot of teams in minor divisions that have made to the leagues. In general this team is small and since 2002 has been position in category 2B.

Basketball The club of Basketball in la Pobla has a school funded recently. Nevertheless, it has been growing and it probably becomes a recognized team.

Ratchet La Pobla has numerous players of ratchet among the most famous are Hector Coll Sebastia (Colau) and Pasqual Balaguer Catillo (Pasqual II).


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