La heredera

Not to be confused with La heredera (Venezuelan telenovela).
La Heredera
Created by Julio Cesar Marmol
Henry Ramos
Martin Luna
Developed by TV Azteca for Azteca Novelas
Directed by Jorge Rios Villanueva
Raul Quintanilla
Martin Barraza
Luis Manzo
Carlos Villegas
Starring Silvia Navarro
Sergio Basañez
Theme music composer Estefano & Julio Reyes
Opening theme "Ahora Quien" Performed by Marc Anthony
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 200
Executive producer(s) Gerardo Zurita
Jorge Rios Villanueva
Producer(s) Henry Ramos
Azteca Novelas: Martin Luna
Location(s) Mexico City
Editor(s) Monica Rodriguez Carrillo
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 42 minutes
Original network Azteca 13
Original release 2004 – 2005
Preceded by Catalina y Sebastian
Cuando seas mia
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La Heredera (The Heiress) is a Mexican telenovela produced by TV Azteca. It marked the third reunion for Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basañez as protagonists.[1] The series was then developed into an American telenovela by the title of American Heiress.[2]


Meet Maria Claudia(Silvia Navarro). Her father, Don Julian (Guillermo Murray), is the most influential industrialist of the Mexican political scope. Lauro(Victor Huggo Martin), her older brother, incarnates the ambition, greed and resentment, which he uses like arms on his way to the political and economic power. Lorena (Aylin Mujica), her sister, is a talented and beautiful woman and at the same time suffering from culpability and addiction. Octavio(Xavier Massimi), her younger brother, is the minor of the family. Don Julian is on the verge of dying and Maria Claudia (who studies in the USA), returns urgently to Mexico; but on her way she gets in an accident and doesn't arrive. In the middle of her misfortunes, she meets Antonio (Sergio Basañez), an ex-soldier of the Gulf War, and they fall in love. Don Julian survives and the experience of being so close to death will unite more than ever the love of the father and his family. Maria Claudia and Antonio are meant for each other and try to build their happiness; but everything is destroyed with the appearance of Aranza, the woman who years back offered to Antonio something more than just a fleeting love.


Main cast

Silvia Navarro ... María Claudia Madero Grimaldi
Sergio Basañez ... Antonio Bautista
Margarita Gralia ... Gabriela Grimaldi de Madero


Aylín Mújica ... Lorena Madero Grimaldi

Prime actors

Guillermo Murray ... Don Julián Madero Grimaldi
Julieta Egurrola ... Dulce Sergio Torres


Víctor Huggo Martin ... Lauro Madero Grimaldi
Juan Manuel Bernal ... Dionisio
Bruno Bichir ... Santiago
Andrea Noli ... Kauris
Fabián Corres ... Salomon
Xavier Massimi ... Octavio Madero Grimaldi
Arturo Beristain ... Dr. Alvaro Dominguez

Special participations

Lourdes Villareal
Gabriela Canudas ... Aranza
Fidel Garriga
Enrique Munoz ... Niero
Adriana Louvier ... Linda
Mauricio Valle

Secondary casts

Josafat Luna
Christian Cataldi
Ángela Fuste ... Brenda
David Zepeda
Chucho Reyes
Arleta Jersioska
Maria Luisa Vazquez
Carina Sarti
Larisa Mendizabal
Ana Laura Espinosa ... Ponchita
Beatriz Cecilia
Ana Berumen
Juan Luis Orendain
Fernando Sarfatti
Angela Sanchez
Rocio Adame
Ruli Peterman
Hector Arredondo ... Joaquín Mercader
Luciana Silveyra
Luis Rabago ... Orlando Mondragon Season 2: Mercedes Pascual Rene Gatica Hernan Mendoza Miguel Rene Rene Campero

Infant talent

Carlos Padilla ... Ricardo
Aldo Sebastian de Diego ... Juancito

Special guest stars

Guest Stars in Pilot episode
Sergio Bustamante
Evangelina Elizondo
Margarita Sanz

Tertiary casts

Constantino Costas
Monica Escamilla ... News Presenter
Mariana Peñalva ... Nurse
Cynthia Hernandez
Gonzalo Vega
Alberto Zeni ... Beto
Jonathan Islas ... Emiliano

Theme song

Title: "Ahora Quien"
Singer: Marc Anthony
Lyrics & Music: Estefano & Julio Reyes
Editor: World Deep Music Sony ATV Pub.
(BMI/BLUE Plantinum Pub. Sony ATV Pub. ASCAP)
Album: Amar Sin Mentiras




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Cinematography Coordinator

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Production manager

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Art Director

Second unit Photography Director

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Second unit Camera Director

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Director of Azteca Novelas


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