La Cuarta

La Cuarta

Front page of La Cuarta's 10 September 2013 edition.

Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) COPESA
Editor Diozel Pérez
Founded 1984
Headquarters Santiago, Chile

La Cuarta (The Fourth One) is a Chilean daily tabloid part of the Copesa group. Both in style and content it is the closest the Chilean press comes to old-fashioned British tabloids. The newspaper is famous for its tone and plebeian style of headlining stories. Its first number is November 13, 1984

One of its main features a weekly insert of nude photographs.


This tabloid is notable for being directed to an audience of middle and lower socioeconomic strata. It uses the Chilean Spanish non-formal register with a series of slang and informal expressions of Chile. It also addresses issues that are mostly of a sensationalist, mostly about sex, crime reports and on the national entertainment news, this last section is called La Cuarta Espectacular and differs from the rest of the day as to design.

In a way his style of writing and presentation of content, are closer to the red or yellow press Style The Sun (England), The National Enquirer (USA) and Bild-Zeitung (Germany). Also approximates the style of the late Clarin (1954-1973), but without the political emphasis contingent left-wing

La Cuarta is part of Periódicos Asociados Latinoamericanos (Latin American Newspaper Association), an organization of fourteen leading newspapers in South America.

Sections and supplements

The journal has sections such as La Ventanita Sentimental (The little sentimental window), where readers ask for love advice, the nail on the head, an area of written complaints such as a telephone conversation, and Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding), which are offered and request appointments and couples. Also there are two comics: Pepe Antártico (drawn by Percy Eaglehurst) and Palomita (drawn by Eduardo de la Barra).

During the week there are two flagship daily supplements together, both related to sex: "Vida Afectiva y Sexual" (Sexual and affective life) and erotic poster called "La Bomba 4". Recently added another supplement called Topísima, which addresses issues related to housewifes.

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