LGBT history in Norway

Events in LGBT history in Norway include:

The penal code's paragraph 213 was the order for the punishment (straffebud) of homosexual men. In June 1968 then minister of justice said that "it is not stated, if the paragraph should be lifted [or removed]". A different government came to power in 1969.[1]

In 1970, a question was registered for interpellation in Parliament, by representative Arne Kielland. The Borten Government had no intent to answer the interpellation, but forwarded a law proposal about, age of sexual consent for gay males—18 years; the age limit for all other—16 years. (A different government came to power in March 1971.[1]

Homosexuality in Norway was decriminalised in 1972.[2]

In 1979 Wenche Lowzow, MP came out of the closet.[1]


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