Ludwig Venetianer

Venetianer Lajos

Ludwig Venetianer (Hungarian: Venetianer Lajos) (May 19, 1867, Kecskemét - November 25, 1922, Újpest) was a Hungarian rabbi and writer.

Venetianer was born in Kecskemét. He studied at the rabbinical seminary and the University of Budapest, at the Jewish Theological Seminary (Breslau) and the University of Breslau, 1888-89 (Ph.D. 1890, Budapest). Receiving his diploma as rabbi from the Budapest University of Jewish Studies in 1892, he officiated as rabbi at Somogy-Csurgó from that year to 1895, holding at the same time the chair of Hungarian and German literatures at the Evangelical Reform Gymnasium of that city. In 1895 he was called to the rabbinate of Lugos, and in the following year to the rabbinate of Újpest near Budapest. He died in 1922.

Literary works

Venetianer is the author of:

He has also contributed numerous articles to periodicals, including Egyenlőség, Társadalmi Lapok, Jahrbuch des Litteraturvereins, Pesti Napló, Magyar-Zsidó Szemle, Orientalistische Litteraturzeitung, Ethnographia, and Bloch's Festschrift (supplement to the Österreichische Wochenschrift); and he has published some sermons in Hungarian.



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