Type Weekly
Founder(s) Giuseppe Colombo, R.A. Oliva
Founded September 5, 1935
Political alignment Fascist
Language Italian language
Ceased publication November 14, 1935
Headquarters Tunis

L'Alba was an Italian-language fascist weekly newspaper published from Tunis, Tunisia.[1][2][3] It was founded by Giuseppe Colombo and R. A. Oliva, the first issue was published on September 5, 1935.[1][2][4]

Regarding the war against Ethiopia, l'Alba boasted of having two companies of blackshirts from Tunisia, "Numidie" and "Zama", at the battle-fields. The publication displayed vulgar attacks freemasons and anti-fascists, and appealed to Italians to buy Italian products. The British consulate found the diatribes in l'Alba insulting to Great Britain and Malta, and lodged a formal complaint against the publication. Subsequently, it was shut down by the French authorities. The last issue was published on November 14, 1935.[4]


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