Cecilie Løveid

Cecilie Løveid
Born (1951-08-21)21 August 1951
Mysen, Norway
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation Novelist
Children's writer
Awards Gyldendal's Endowment
Prix Italia
Aschehoug Prize
Dobloug Prize
Ibsen Prize

Cecilie Løveid (born 21 August 1951) is a Norwegian novelist, poet, playwright, and writer of children's books. She was born in Mysen.[1]

She made her literary debut in 1972, with the novel Most.[2] She received the Gyldendal Prize in 2001.[3][4] Løveid's first play was the one-act Tingene, tingene, published in the literary magazine Vinduet in 1976.[5] In total she has written about thirty plays, librettos or other texts for radio or stage performance.

In 2013 the poem "Punishment" (Straff) was printed in Aftenposten, as "This Week's Poem", on April 8. In an interview with the newspaper she said that the poem is about Breivik, and that she has no opinion about the verdict of his trial—because that is outside the scope of the poem.[6] The poem starts with "I am glad that he got the punishment that he got. As [it is] known, he will be led by the hand, from grave to grave." It ends with "Therefore, and even if he does all of this, it will be calm/quiet."



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Preceded by
Olav Nordrå and
Arne Ruste
Recipient of the Gyldendal's Endowment
(shared with Wera Sæther)
Succeeded by
Tormod Haugen and
Marta Schumann

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