Kvemo Kartli

Kvemo Kartli
ქვემო ქართლი
Mkhare (region)
Country  Georgia
Seat Rustavi
Subdivisions 1 city, 6 municipalities
  Total 6,072 km2 (2,344 sq mi)
  Total 424,769,[1]
ISO 3166 code GE-KK

Kvemo Kartli (Lower Kartli, Georgian: ქვემო ქართლი, Kvemo Kartli) is a historic province and current administrative region (Mkhare) in southeastern Georgia. The city of Rustavi is a regional capital. The population is mixed between Georgians (51.25%), Azerbaijanis (41.75%), Armenians, Pontic Greeks and Caucasus Greeks, Russians and others.[2] The current governor is Paata Khizanashvili

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Coordinates: 41°31′N 44°31′E / 41.517°N 44.517°E / 41.517; 44.517

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