Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum

Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum

Film poster
Directed by Krishnan-Panju
Produced by A. V. Meiyappan
Written by Javar Seetharaman
Starring Jaishankar
Kutty Padmini
Music by M. S. Viswanathan
Cinematography S. Maruthi Rao,
S. Vittal Rao
Edited by Punjabi - Vittal
Distributed by AVM Productions
Release dates
  • 19 November 1965 (1965-11-19)


Running time
167 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum (English: Child and God) is a 1965 Tamil-language Indian film directed by the duo Krishnan-Panju, starring Jaishankar, Jamuna and Kutty Padmini. An adaptation of Disney's The Parent Trap (1961), itself based on the German novel Lottie and Lisa, the film tells the story of twin girls bringing together their separated parents.[2] The film, produced by AVM Productions and featuring music by M. S. Viswanathan, released on 19 November 1965. It was a big financial success, leading to remakes into Telugu as Leta Manasulu (1966), Hindi as Do Kaliyaan (1967).[2] in Malayalam as Sethubandhanam and in Kannada as Makkala Bhagya.



Kuzhandhaiyum Deivamum was the adaptation of Disney's The Parent Trap (1961) which told the story of twin girls bringing together their separated parents.[3] Actor and screenwriter Javar Seetharaman adapted that film in Tamil, making changes in the screenplay to suit the local milieu.[2] AVM Kumaran liked The Parent Trap and advised A. C. Tirulokchandar to integrate the theme of this film into Kaakkum Karangal which Tirulokchandar was directing at that time for AVM.[4] However Tirulokchandar was not interested as he felt his script was better. AVM then chose Krishnan–Panju to direct the film.[4]

The script of the film was completed before the commencement of shooting.[4] Jaishankar was selected to play the main protagonist and it was his third film which featured him in a leading role.[5] Jamuna, was selected as the leading actress. T. A. Madhuram enacted a negative character and it was one of her rare screen appearances after the death of her husband N. S. Krishnan.[4] There was a sequence where the two sisters fight with each other which was hard to film at that time.[4] In the climax of the film which was shot at Pazhani the scene where Kutti Padmini slipped was a real incident, she was later saved by the production team.[4]


Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum
Soundtrack album by M. S. Viswanathan
Released 1965
Length 28:14
Language Tamil
Producer M. S. Viswanathan

The music was composed by M. S. Viswanathan and the lyrics were written by Vaali and Kannadasan.[6] All the songs were well received. The song "Pazhamuthir Solai" is based on Abheri Raga.[7] The song "Anbulla Maanvizhiye" was remixed by Rafi in the film Jaggubhai (2010).[8] Randor Guy of Hindu wrote "One of the major factors contributing to the success of the movie was its melodious music composed by M. S. Viswanathan. Many of the songs became hits and are still remembered today".[2]

No Songs Singers Length(m:ss)
1 Enna Vegam Nillu T. M. Soundararajan A. L. Raghavan 4:42
2 Anbulla Maan Vizhiyae T. M. Soundararajan P. Suseela 4:47
3 Naan Nandri Solven M. S. Viswanathan P. Suseela 3:48
4 Anbulla Mannavane(sad) 3:32
5 Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum P. Suseela 3:57
6 Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum(campfire song) 1:30
7 Pazhamuthir Solaiyilae 4:12
8 Ahah Idhu Nalliravu L. R. Eswari 4:04
9 Kozhi Oru Koottile M. S. Rajeshwasri 2:54


Critical reception

Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan mentioned that "child actor Kutti Padmini is the highlight of the film and she is the one reason for us to watch the film, though the film is childish, her acting is appreciable and deserves a watch".[9] Randor Guy mentioned that the film was "Remembered for the interesting storyline, Kutti Padmini's performance and melodious songs".[2]


The film was remade in Telugu as Leta Manasulu (1966) with Jamuna, Haranath and Kutti Padmini in lead roles. Directed by the same duo, it, however, did not enjoy the same success as the Tamil original.[2] The film was also remade in Hindi as Do Kaliyaan (1967) which was also directed by Krishnan-Panju, it featured noted stars Mala Sinha and Biswajeet as the couple.[2] Meiyappan wanted Padmini again to reprise the twins however Pandit Mukram Sharma who was the dialogue writer for Hindi version felt she was too old for the roles.[9] The role of the twins was enacted by Baby Sonia who later as a young woman was known as Neetu Singh and was a successful Hindi film star soon she married the top star of that day, Rishi Kapoor, and retired from films.[2] Do Kaliyan was a silver jubilee hit.[9]



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