This article is about the small borough in Kuusalu Parish. For the village in the same parish, see Kuusalu village.
Small borough

Kuusalu church

Location in Estonia

Coordinates: 59°26′38″N 25°26′29″E / 59.44389°N 25.44139°E / 59.44389; 25.44139Coordinates: 59°26′38″N 25°26′29″E / 59.44389°N 25.44139°E / 59.44389; 25.44139
Country  Estonia
County Harju County
Municipality Kuusalu Parish
Population (01.01.2010)[1]
  Total 1,220

Kuusalu is a small borough (Estonian: alevik) in Harju County, northern Estonia. It is the administrative centre of Kuusalu Parish. Kuusalu has a population of 1,220 (as of 1 January 2010).[1]

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