Kurt Schütte

Kurt Schütte

Born (1909-10-14)October 14, 1909
Died August 18, 1998(1998-08-18) (aged 88)
Thesis Untersuchungen zum Entscheidungsproblem der mathematischen Logik (1934)
Doctoral advisor David Hilbert
Known for Feferman-Schütte ordinal

Kurt Schütte (14 October 1909, Salzwedel 18 August 1998, Munich) was a German mathematician who worked on proof theory and ordinal analysis. The Feferman–Schütte ordinal, which he showed to be the precise ordinal bound for predicativity, is named after him. He was the doctoral advisor of 16 students, including Wolfgang Bibel, Wolfgang Maaß, Wolfram Pohlers, and Martin Wirsing.



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