Kunratice (Prague)

Kunratice (Kunratice)
Municipal District of Prague
Cadastral Area of Prague
Church of St. James the Great in Kunratice
Coat of arms
Official name: Městská část Praha-Kunratice
Country Czech Republic
Region Prague, the Capital City
District Prague 4
Coordinates 50°0′48″N 14°29′8″E / 50.01333°N 14.48556°E / 50.01333; 14.48556Coordinates: 50°0′48″N 14°29′8″E / 50.01333°N 14.48556°E / 50.01333; 14.48556
Area 8.10 km2 (3 sq mi)
Population 8,089 (2008)
Density 999/km2 (2,587/sq mi)
Mayor Ivana Kabelová
Timezone CET (UTC+1)
 - summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 148 00
Location of Kunratice in Prague
Website: http://www.praha-kunratice.cz

Kunratice is a municipal district (městská část) and cadastral area (katastrální území) in Prague. It is located in the southern part of the city. As of 2008, there were 8,089 inhabitants living in Kunratice.

The first written record of Kunratice is from the 13th century. The village became part of Prague in 1968.

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