Kujō Michitaka

In this Japanese name, the family name is Kujō.
Kujō Michitaka

Kujō Michitaka
Born (1839-06-11)June 11, 1839
Died January 4, 1906(1906-01-04) (aged 66)

Kujō Michitaka (九条 道孝, June 11, 1839 January 4, 1906), son of regent Nijō Hisatada and adopted son of his brother Yukinori, was a kuge or Japanese court noble of the late Edo period and politician of the early Meiji era who served as a member of the House of Peers. One of his daughters, Sadako married Emperor Taishō.

In the bakumatsu period, Kujō supported the Shogunate policy as one of highest courtier of the imperial court and hence lost the power at the very beginning of Meiji restoration when the annihilation of the Shogunate was announced on 1868-01-03. His right to show at the imperial court was halted. Soon later in the same year he was rehabilitated and appointed of the clan master of Fujiwara clan.

During the Boshin War, he had nominal leadership of the imperial army's Northern Pacification Command (奥羽鎮撫総督府), and spent the latter part of the war in northern Japan.

He was elevated to princedom in 1869 as the family head of Kujō family, when the Meiji government found Kazoku peerage system.


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