Kristopher Schau

Kristopher Schau

Kristopher Schau (Photo: C. Hill, 2004)
Background information
Birth name Kristopher Hugh Martin Schau
Also known as Max Cargo, Farbror Blå
Born (1970-08-12) 12 August 1970
Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres Heavy metal, Death n roll, Hardcore punk, Comedy rock, Thrash metal
Instruments Vocals, guitar, percussion, trumpet

Kristopher Hugh Martin Schau (born 12 August 1970, in Oslo) is a Norwegian musician, TV host, comedian, author, and songwriter.

Radio and television shows

Schau is known from several radio shows (most of them also with his brother Alexander Schau) including XL, Karate, and Et Norge I Krig. On TV he has been involved in the shows XLTV, Team Antonsen (2004), and De 7 dødssyndene (2007). He has also been part of several bands, among them Gartnerlosjen, Hurra Torpedo, Kåper Gjete, Sinsen, Reidar Roses Orkester, Datsun, The Cumshots and Mongo Ninja . He is also the writer of the Norwegian underground comic Margarin which is now discontinued. He created the television show "Dag" with his friend Øystein Karlsen.

De 7 dødssyndene

In 2007, Schau launched his television show, De 7 dødssyndene, focusing on the seven deadly sins. In the show, Schau attempted to commit all the deadly sins, combined with Schau and his co-hosts, Øystein Karlsen and Morten Ståle Nilsen, presenting information on the history of sin and related subjects. Many Norwegian conservative Christians protested against the program. They organized a petition and a boycott against the show's corporate sponsors, leading to several companies dropping their advertisements.[1] This did not decrease the show's popularity.


One of his projects had him living in a brown Opel Rekord automobile for a whole week. This event was also televised in daily segments. Another one of his projects was "Forfall" (en. decline), where Schau devoted an entire week to living as unhealthily as possible. Originally the idea was to deteriorate both physically and mentally, but despite the initial intentions in the mental area (reading books by Norwegian pulp fiction authors), the project mainly focused on eating unhealthy foods and smoking. He spent the entire week on display in an Oslo shop window. The project was also shown on TV and streamed on the internet for the entire week. He gained about 10 kg (22 lbs) and his cholesterol level skyrocketed during the project. He also nearly suffered a heatstroke when the temperature in the shop window display was significantly increased. The heat experiment was then aborted.

Court case

During the 2004 Quartfestival, a couple, who were both members of Fuck For Forest, had sex on stage during a concert with The Cumshots, a band fronted by Schau. This led to a lawsuit against Schau, the other band members and the couple who performed the sex stunt. Schau and his bandmate Ole Petter Andreassen were both fined 10 000 NOK for their roles in the stunt.[2]


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