Kristen Idrettskontakt

KRIK, Kristen Idrettskontakt, meaning Christian Sports Contact, is a Norwegian Christian youth organisation which has the goal of combining the Christian faith with the joy of sport. KRIK was founded in 1981 on initiative by the Norwegian priest Kjell Markset. The nationwide administration is currently located at Ullevål Stadium in Oslo.

The organisation has a central administration, and has about 250 local groups in Norway, and many others through the sister organisation CHRISC, Christian Sports Contact, in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Sudan. In the autumn of 2006, KRIK celebrated its 25-year anniversary, and the organisation had almost 12,000 registered members in Norway. CHRISC had approximately 18,000 members in East Africa.

In Norway, KRIK arranges several large sports festivals around the country. The biggest and most well known of these are 'Arena' in Kristiansand, 'Action' in Bø in Telemark and 'Explore' in Lillehammer

There are currently five schools in Norway with dedicated KRIK classes. These are:

Sagavoll, Nordfjord, Borgund, and Høgtun are folk high schools.

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