Kresta Bay

Kresta Bay
Залив Креста
Location of Kresta Bay in Chukotka
Location Far North
Coordinates 66°00′00″N 179°15′00″W / 66.000°N 179.250°W / 66.000; -179.250Coordinates: 66°00′00″N 179°15′00″W / 66.000°N 179.250°W / 66.000; -179.250
River sources Tnekveem
Ocean/sea sources Gulf of Anadyr
Basin countries Russia
Max. length 102 km (63 mi)
Max. width 43 km (27 mi)
Average depth 70 m (230 ft)

Kresta Bay or Kresta Gulf (Russian: Залив Креста; Zaliv Kresta) is a large bay of the Gulf of Anadyr on the southern coast of the Chukotka Peninsula, Russian Federation. Administratively the bay is part of the Iultinsky District of Chukotka.


The Kresta Bay is open towards the south; it is almost 100 km in length and has an average width of about 43 km.[1] There are two inlets and a coastal lagoon enclosed by a landspit inside the bay.[2]

Kresta Bay is now a tourist destination. Kresta Bay Airport, served by Chukotavia, is located by Egvekinot, a small harbor in the bay.[3]

An old U.S. Navy map showing Kresta Bay on its upper right corner.
View of Kresta Bay.


This bay was first surveyed by Russian mariner Count Fyodor Petrovich Litke in 1828.


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