Krathis (Κράθις)
Country Greece
Main source Chelmos
River mouth Gulf of Corinth
38°10′22″N 22°20′23″E / 38.1728°N 22.3396°E / 38.1728; 22.3396 (Mouth of Krathis)Coordinates: 38°10′22″N 22°20′23″E / 38.1728°N 22.3396°E / 38.1728; 22.3396 (Mouth of Krathis)
Physical characteristics
Length approx. 40 km (25 mi)

Krathis (Greek: Κράθις) is a river in the eastern part of Achaea, southern Greece. The river flows through the municipal unit of Akrata.


The river's course is from the south to the north. It begins in the northern part of the Chelmos mountains and flows through a deep valley. It passes the village Tsivlos and the town Akrata. The river empties into the Gulf of Corinth near Akrata.


In ancient times the river's course was close to Achaean Aegae and had two tributaries according to Strabo. The river received its name because it was a mixture. Pausanias and Herodotus also mention it, stating that the river Crathis in Bruttium was named after it.[1]


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