Kotoko people

Total population
49,071 people
Regions with significant populations
northern Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria
Islam, Christianity

The Kotoko people , also called Mser, Moria, Bara and Makari,[1] are an ethnic group located in northern Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria.[2] The Kotoko population is composed of 49,071 people, the majority of which, 40,904 people live in Cameroon. The Kotoko form part of the Chadic people. The mother tongue is Lagwan - (kot). Most of Kotoko are Sunni Muslims, but they also are members of other Islam sects like Ibadhi, Ahmadi, Alevi, Yazidi, Druze and Khariji. Only slightly more than 10% of the population is Evangelical.[1] They founded the Kotoko kingdom in the 15th century.


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