Korovou (literally New Village) is a village in the Fijian Tailevu Province, 31 kilometers from Nausori. It is considered the centre of Fiji's dairy industry, which was established at the end of the First World War by British settlers, on land donated by Fijian chiefs.

Descendants of the original settlers still operate a few of Korovou's dairy farms. Others emigrated in the late 1960s and sold their land to Indo-Fijian investors, angering local chief who claimed that land given by Fijian people should be returned to them. A compromise was eventually worked out, whereby the former landowners would have the first option to purchase any farm coming up for sale.

During the Fiji coup of 2000, supporters of insurrectionist George Speight terrorized the town and the surrounding countryside, and there were reports of police officers abandoning their posts.

Near Korovou lies Natovi Landing, a port used by ferries to Ovalau and Vanua Levu.


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