Koro Island


Map of Fiji
Location Fiji
Coordinates 17°18′00″S 179°24′00″E / 17.30000°S 179.40000°E / -17.30000; 179.40000Coordinates: 17°18′00″S 179°24′00″E / 17.30000°S 179.40000°E / -17.30000; 179.40000
Archipelago Lomaiviti
Adjacent bodies of water Koro Sea
Total islands 1
Major islands 1
Area 105.3 km2 (40.7 sq mi)[1]
Area rank 7th
Length 17 km (10.6 mi)
Division Eastern
Province Lomaiviti Province
Largest settlement Nakodu (pop. 500)
Population 4,500 (2007)
Pop. density 42.735 /km2 (110.683 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups

Native Fijians,

Indo-Fijians ; other (Asian, Europeans, other Pacific Islander)

Koro is a volcanic island of Fiji that forms part of the Lomaiviti Archipelago. The Koro Sea is named after this volcanic island, which has a chain of basaltic cinder cones extending from north to south along its crest. With a land area of 105.3 square kilometers (42.1 square Miles), it is the seventh largest island of Fiji. Its latitude is 17.18°; its longitude is 179.24°. Its population in 1960 was around 2,500. As of 2007 around 4,500 Fijians lived on the island, in 14 villages,today a lot of families of European countries are building houses in this island. A roll-on, roll-off ferry services Koro twice weekly from Suva, and also connects Koro to Vanua Levu to the North. Northern Air provides one scheduled flight per week to Koro, usually on Saturday from Suva.

The island has an airport, situated on its eastern coast. On its northwestern tip is situated the Dere Bay Resort[2] and the Koro Beach Resort.[3] A residential subdivision, Koro Seaview Estates[4] was established around Dere Bay Resort in 1989 and about 60 homes have been established in the development as of 2009, including a re-constructed 300-year-old home imported from Java, Indonesia. Copra and Dalo are the main exports on the island. The village of Nacamaki on the northern side of the island does a traditional turtle calling ceremony during which villagers chant songs and turtles rise to the surface.[5] Forestry and timber logging are the major economic activities. The island has several small medical stations and schools up to High school. A Western Union and a Post office are also on the island.

The short-lived 2002 U.S. reality show Under One Roof was filmed on Koro Island. Koro Island was featured on Home and Garden TV's International House Hunters in 2009. The episode was filmed in May 2009.

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