Konstantinos Kollias

Not to be confused with Konstantinos Kallias.

Konstantinos Kollias (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Κόλλιας) (1901 – 13 July 1998) was a former Greek Attorney General who was proclaimed Prime Minister by the Greek military junta of 1967–74 that overthrew Panagiotis Kanellopoulos' government on 21 April 1967.

He was replaced by the head of the military coup d'état Georgios Papadopoulos after the unsuccessful counter-coup of King Constantine II on 13 December 1967.

Kollias died on 13 July 1998, at the age of 96.

Political offices
Preceded by
Panagiotis Kanellopoulos
168th Prime Minister of Greece
Succeeded by
Georgios Papadopoulos
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