Konjum Kumari

Not to be confused with Konjum Salangai.
Konjum Kumari

Theatrical release poster
Directed by G. Viswanathan
Produced by T. R. Sundaram
Written by Mana
K. Devarajan(Comedy Track)
Story by Mana
Starring R. S. Manohar
S. V. Ramadoss
A. Karunanidhi
Music by Vedha
Cinematography Malli A. Irani
Edited by L. Balu
Distributed by Modern Theatres
Release dates
4 October 1963
Country India
Language Tamil

Konjum Kumari (English: Enticing Girl) is 1963 Tamil language action film directed by G. Viswanathan and produced by T. R. Sundaram under his own company Modern Theatres. The script was written by Mana,and with K. Devarajan an expert at writing comedy scene. Music by Vedha assets to movie. The film stars Manorama and R. S. Manohar in the lead roles with S. V. Ramadoss, A. Karunanidhi and K. K. Soundar in supporting roles.[1][2][3] The film was ran successfully many centers in Madras. Konjum Kumari film was Modern Theatres 99th film.


Alli (Manorama) a veritable jungle queen who rescues Rajangam (R. S. Manohar), where gang of robbers attack him in the forest. She loses her heart to him but he turns her down. So, the rifle - toting heroine force him to marry her at gun point. When the villain abducts rajangam's brother for ransom, it's Alli who comes to rescues again. How this and other events unite the couple forms the rest of the movie.[1]




Konjum Kumari was the film that saw the versatile star Manorama raised to the status of Action heroine. The modern film made by editor - turned - director G. Viswanathan. The boss T. R. Sundaram[4] was on the look out for Hollywood stories to adapt for the Local Milieu and this film was no expection, adapting a popular western movie. The movie was only a reasonable success with audience rather relectant to accept Manoram inn the lead role. However, the film scored because of the action sequences Manorama impressive performance and R. S. Manohar's stylish presence. K. Devarajan an expert at writing comedy scene , received a credit title. Noted cinematography Nalli A. Irani was assisted by prominent camera man known for his Trick Shots S. S. Lal with L. Balu in charage of editing.[1][5]


Music composed by Vedha and lyric were written by Vaali, Karunaidasan and Nallathambi. The playback singers consists of P. Suseela, K. J. Yesudas,[6] Tiruchi Loganathan, A. G. Rathnamala, and Vasantha.[7] The dance sequence choreographed by Y. Sivaiah Banu with dance numbers Madras Sisters Sasi - Kala.

No Songs Singers length (m:ss)
1 Jaliyana Jodikala P. Suseela 04:57
2 Kaathirundhene Naane 03:37
3 Mappillaiyae Mappillaiye Kovama 03:14
4 Thoppula Oru Naal Tiruchi Loganathan A. G. Rathnamala 03:14
5 Naadanthu Kaadu Enakku P. Suseela 02:45
6 Aasai Vanthapinne K. J. Yesudas B. Vasantha 03:34
7 Vanakkam Vanakkam 04:35

Other Fact

R. S. Manohar, who started out as hero with R. M. Krishanswami's Rajambal and later blossomed into Villain was lead opposite Manorama.[8] Manorama is an amazing talent, with more than 1000 movies her credit and still active in the film industry. R. S. Manohar was a T. R. Sundaram's favorite starring in 18 of his films, the highest by any actor working for Modern Theatres. Sundaram like his Discipline, Voice and dialogue delivery and his knowledge about English. Manohar was graduated of Madras University worked as a clerk in the postal department and climbed to Stardom from Stage role.[1]


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