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Koniec Świata ("The End Of The World") is a Polish musical band which plays a mixture of punk, rock and ska music. The band was founded in 2000 in Katowice by Jacek Stęszewski who has been the only consistent member of the band from its beginning. They have issued six albums so far:[1] Korzenie (Roots), Symfonia Na Sprzedaż (Symphony For Sale), Kino Mockba (Moscow Cinema), Burgerbar (Burgerbar), Oranżada (Orangeade), X-lat (X-years) and Hotel Polonia. The "X-lat" album is a 10th anniversary compilation of their greatest hits.

The current line-up is: Jacek Stęszewski (vocals, guitar), Jacek Czepułkowski (lead guitar), Szymon Cirbus (trumpet), Marek Mrzyczek (bass guitar) and Michał Sobczyk (drums). The band's style evolved over time, and on the first two albums punk and ska are more noticeable, while on the next albums the music is going towards the rock style. Almost all lyrics are in polish by Stęszewski. Koniec Świata have played on the biggest fetivals in Poland, such as Jarocin Festival[2] and Przystanek Woodstock.[3]

In 2012 they have played together with Hey, Acid Drinkers and Pidżama Porno on the second edition of reactivated Odjazdy festival in Spodek.[4] Currently it is one of the most popular punk/rock/ska band in Poland.


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