Koh Kong (island)

Koh Kong
Native name: <span class="nickname" ">កោះកុង
Koh Kong
Location Cambodia - Southeast Asia
Coordinates 11°20′N 103°0′E / 11.333°N 103.000°E / 11.333; 103.000
Area 100 km2 (39 sq mi)
Length 19.5 km (12.12 mi)
Width 5.1–7.2 km (3.2–4.5 mi)
Coastline 53 km (32.9 mi)
Highest point 200 meters
Province Koh Kong
Ethnic groups Khmer, Vietnamese[1]

Koh Kong (Khmer: កោះកុង; is an island in the Gulf of Thailand, in the coastal waters of Cambodia, around 10 km (6 mi) south of Koh Kong town, as it is part of Koh Kong Province.[2] It is Cambodia's largest island.

Location and description

The center of Koh Kong Island (Khmer: កោះកុង; Kaôh Kŏng Krau) is situated around 20 km (12 mi) south-west of Koh Kong town. The island stretches 19.5 km (12 mi) from North to South and 6 km (4 mi) from East to West on average. The strait Passe de Lămdăm that separates the island from the mainland in the north is less than 500 m (1,640 ft) wide.[3][4] The island's southern tip lies less than 4 km (2 mi) off the mainland, the narrow strait is the gateway to the Bay of Koh Kong (Chhak Kaoh Kong) in the East, which occupies an area of around 135 km2 (52 sq mi).[5]

The only settlements are small fishing villages, Alatang on the south-east corner, Phumi Koh Kong on the west coast and Phumi Thmei (Khmer for new village) on the eastern coast. The interior is rather hilly - the highest peak in the north rising up to 360 m (1,181 ft), rugged rock formations create many waterfalls. Rivers that drain the mountains end in freshwater estuaries and countless lagoons, which are flanked by scenic beaches.[6]


The north end is controlled by the military, camping is allowed at your own risk on the 5th and 6th beaches and also at the military post in the village of Alatang.


Common Myna

On Koh Kong a number of mammals can be found such as macaques, wild boar and indigenous squirrels, bird, such as horn-bills, mynah and small Psittaciformes. The entire eco-region of Koh Kong remains in a relatively original state and is home to a great variety of reptiles and amphibians, invertebrates, fungi and plants.[7][8] Large areas of Koh Kong's eastern coast and the Bay of Koh Kong are engulfed in extensive mangrove forests, the basis for various aquatic and marine species.[9] The giant moth Attacus atlas can be found on the island.[10]

Marine life

There are also harmless whale sharks, dolphins, Parrot fish, Snapper fish, Barracuda, king fish, Cobia fish, Wahoo fish, swordfish, Grouper fish, Sea turtle, wahoo fish. Many crabs, shrimp, squid.

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Coordinates: 11°20′N 103°00′E / 11.333°N 103.000°E / 11.333; 103.000

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