Koch, South Sudan


Location in South Sudan

Coordinates: 8°35′45″N 29°59′31″E / 8.595958°N 29.991989°E / 8.595958; 29.991989Coordinates: 8°35′45″N 29°59′31″E / 8.595958°N 29.991989°E / 8.595958; 29.991989
Country South Sudan
State Unity State
County Koch County

Koch is a community in Unity State, South Sudan, headquarters of Koch County.

The community lies in Jagei Nuer territory.[1] It is within the Block 5A oil concession. Between 1998 and 2003 the community was attacked many times by government-supported troops or militias.[2] In 2002 the community was repeatedly attacked by a government Antonov bomber and helicopter gunships.[3]

On 31 January 2000, Riek Machar formally resigned from the government and called on his commanders and Nuer chiefs to meet him at Koch. United Nations planes were used under false pretenses to transport leaders to the conference, where the Sudan People's Defence Forces / Democratic Front was announced.[1]


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