Kocaeli Büyükşehir Belediyesi Kağıt Spor Kulübü

Motto Club of champions
Formation 1937 (1937)
Type Non-profit
Purpose Sport: football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, weightlifting, martial arts, athletics, ice hockey
Headquarters SEKASEM
Dr. Ali Yeşildal
Active departments of
Kocaeli B.B. Kağıt S.K.
Athletics Basketball Bxing
Frncing Figure skating Football
Ice hockey
(men's, women's)
Judo Karate
Skeet and trap Taekwondo Volleyball
Weightlifting Wrestling

The Kocaeli Büyükşehir Belediyesi Kağıt Spor Kulübü, aka Kocaeli BB Kağıtspor, is a multi-sports club sponsored by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli in Turkey. It was originally founded in 1937 as "İzmit Kağıtspor", a sports club of the state-owned SEKA Cellulose and Paper Works in Izmit, Kocaeli.[1] Club colors are blue and white. Current club president is Dr. Ali Yeşildal, who is also the chairman of the Turkish Ice Hockey Federation.[2]

Already in the beginning, İzmit Kağıtspor operated also branches like rowing and sailing and won also many international titles in athletics, sport wrestling and boxing.[3] Merged in 1987 into "Kocaeli Belediyespor" and renamed, the club expanded fast since then and is active in 30 sports branches with a total of 2,453 athletes as of 2007, making it one of the biggest sports clubs of Turkey. Its amateur and professional individual sports people and teams of various branches are very successful at domestic and international events as well. The total number of sports people licensed by the club competing for Turkey's national teams amounted to 155 in 2007. The 2007-2008 budget of the club is TRY 2.2m (about US$ 1.76m).


Some of the 30 branches the club sponsors are:







Other sports


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