A traditional sausage klobasnek with cheese added
Type Pastry
Place of origin United States
Region or state Texas
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A klobasnek /ˌklˈbæsnɪk/, pl. klobasniky, is a savory finger food of Czech origin.[1][2][3] A klobasnek is often thought to be a variation of the kolach (koláče); however, most Czechs hold the distinction that kolache are only filled with non-meat fillings. Unlike kolache, which came to the United States with Czech immigrants, klobasniky were first made by Czechs that settled in Texas.[4]

Klobasniky are similar in style to a pigs in a blanket or sausage roll but wrapped in kolach dough. Traditionally klobasniky are filled only with sausage, but as their popularity has increased in the United States, other ingredients such as ham, cheese and peppers are used alongside or instead of sausage.

The term "klobasnek" is possibly a corrupted form of the dialectal Czech word klobásník, a pastry filled with klobása (a Czech variation on a traditional Central European sausage) or a chopped meat patty. This pastry is served as a traditional Easter treat in the Moravian Silesia region.

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