Klippitztörl Pass

Klippitztörl Pass

Location of Klippitztörl Pass

Elevation 1,642 m (5,387 ft)
Traversed by Federal Highway B78
Location Austria
Range Alps
Coordinates 46°56′N 14°40′E / 46.933°N 14.667°E / 46.933; 14.667Coordinates: 46°56′N 14°40′E / 46.933°N 14.667°E / 46.933; 14.667

Klippitztörl (el. 1642 m.) is a mountain pass in the Austrian Alps in the Bundesland of Kärnten (or Carinthia).

It connects Wolfsberg with St. Veit. The pass road is 28 km and goes south at Bad St. Leonhard from Federal Highway B78 over the pass to Lölling-Graben, where it joins Federal Highway B92 south of Hüttenberg.

There is a ski resort at the Hohenwart, with a number of lifts. Along the road, there are many hotels and rental chalets.

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