Klaus Balkenhol

Klaus Balkenhol

Medal record
Representing  Germany
Olympic Games
1992 Barcelona Team dressage
1996 Atlanta Team dressage
1992 Barcelona Individual dressage
World Championships
1994 The Hague Team dressage
1994 The Hague Freestyle dressage
European Championships
1991 Donaueschingen Team dressage
1993 Lipica Team dressage
1995 Mondorf Team dressage
1991 Donaueschingen Spécial dressage

Klaus Balkenhol (born 6 December 1939 in Velen) is a German equestrian and Olympic champion. He won a gold medal in team dressage at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona with the team from Germany. Balkenhol is the author of several dressage books. He is an avid member of Xenophen, and like Philippe Karl petitions against the use of rollkur. Balkenhol's earlier riding career consisted of being a mounted policeman. He was also the coach of the U.S. Olympic team.[1] He also received a gold medal with the German team in 1996.[2] At present Balkenhol is the trainer of Olympic equestrian Laura Bechtolsheimer.


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