DVD cover
Directed by Hans Fabian Wullenweber
Produced by Bo Ehrhardt
Lottie Terp Jakobsen
Written by Nikolaj Arcel
Erlend Loe
Starring Julie Zangenberg
Stefan Pagels Andersen
Mads Ravn
Distributed by Nimbus Film
Release dates
2002 (2002)
Running time
90 minutes
Language Danish
Budget ~ US$2,200,000

Klatretøsen (English: The Climbing Girl) is a 2002 film directed by Hans Fabian Wullenweber. A remake from this Danish blockbuster was made in 2004 with the name Catch That Kid. The film's tagline is "The gutsiest girl since Pippi Longstocking."

Klatretøsen was produced by Nimbus Film.


Ida, with help from her two best friends Sebastian and Jonas, robs a bank in which her mother works in order to get the money required to save her dying father. During the heist, the kids overcome high-tech security systems, guard dogs, and a nasty head of security to get to a bank vault suspended 100 feet off the ground.



The film has been recognised as "a good film for kids" and "all good fun".[1][2] The film won the Starboy award for the best children's film at Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival in 2002.[3]


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