Klara (Stockholm)

Coordinates: 59°19′55″N 18°03′04″E / 59.33181°N 18.05111°E / 59.33181; 18.05111

New and old in Klara, in front of Klara Church
Old Klara, with the former Telephone Tower

Klara (also known, in Swedish, as Klarakvarteren) is a part of lower Norrmalm in the central part of Stockholm. It has its name from Klara Church. Today the name, though not often used in daily speech, has become synonymous with the old city that once occupied lower Norrmalm.

Buildings in Klara

The renewal of Klara

During the 1950s and 1960s Klara went through an extensive urban renewal project. Over 450 buildings were torn down and most of the existing houses in this area were rebuilt during the early 19th century. Before the demolitions the area was characterized by many small shops and workshops. The new buildings on the other hand were mainly office buildings. Many writers and journalists have condemned the demolitions.

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