Kiss Muna

Kiss Muna
Genre Sitcom
Starring Joey de Leon
Country of origin Philippines
Original network GMA Network
Original release January 31, 2000 (2000-01-31) – November 30, 2003 (2003-11-30)

Kiss Muna (lit. Kiss Me First) is a weekly sitcom in the Philippines with a dose of politics and sex as main staple. It was produced by GMA Network, Inc.


Stanley is a former town mayor who was soundly defeated in the recent elections. With no source of income after his defeat, he and his wife Amparo (aka Ampy) ventured into selling underwear while hiring live models (Ara, Ditas and Shirly) and fashion designers (Third and Ver) to work for them. Romance blooms between model Ara and fashion designer Third while Stanley and Ampy deal with mid-life crisis after it turns out that Stanley was suffering from erectile dysfunction, which makes their sex life less than perfect.

Soon after, Stanley's son Piolo gets romantically involved with a female classmate, who turns out to be the daughter of Stanley's political rival who defeated him. Soon after, an election was held again in 2001 with Stanley facing his rival once more. This time, Stanley wins and regains his post as town mayor with no less than newly elected Senator Joker Arroyo proclaiming his victory.


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