Kinza Clodumar

Kinza Clodumar
President of Nauru
In office
February 13, 1997  June 18, 1998
Preceded by Ruben Kun
Succeeded by Bernard Dowiyogo
Personal details
Born (1945-02-08) February 8, 1945
Political party Centre Party

HE Kinza Godfrey Clodumar (born February 8, 1945) is a political figure from Nauru who was President of Nauru from 1997 to 1998.


The Honourable
Kinza Clodumar
Member of the Nauruan Parliament
for Aiwo
In office
January 25, 1971  January 29, 1979
Preceded by Itubwa Amram
Succeeded by David Agir
In office
December 5, 1983  December 9, 1989
Preceded by David Agir
Succeeded by Theodore Moses
Member of the Nauruan Parliament for Boe
In office
November 20, 1995  May 5, 2003
Preceded by Michael Aroi
Succeeded by Mathew Batsiua
Personal details
Born (1945-02-08) 8 February 1945
Nationality Nauru Nauruan
Political party Centre Party
Religion Christian

Clodumar was born in Boe. He is a member of the indigenous population of Nauru, and he is concerned with environmental issues. He was a Member of Parliament for many years and served as Minister of Finance from 2003 until October 2004.


Clodumar was President of Nauru from February 12, 1997 until June 18, 1998, when he was deposed in a no confidence vote.

Later life

Clodumar is the only Nauruan politician to have been elected to parliament in two different constituencies. He served his first two terms for the Aiwo Constituency when ousting Itubwa Amram in the 1971 elections; after being re-elected thrice Clodumar resigns his post in early 1979, but has been re-elected in the 1983 elections. In 1992, he did not candidate for a seat and moved to the neighbouring Boe Constituency, where he was re-elected in 1995 to serve a third term in parliament.

Clodumar has given and withdrawn support from several other Nauruan politicians, including Bernard Dowiyogo, René Harris and Ludwig Scotty. For presidents, withdrawal of support by Clodumar often meant that a president will lose a no confidence vote.

In 2003, Clodumar himself tried to regain the presidency of Nauru twice but narrowly lost the parliamentary vote both times. He lost his seat in Parliament in the October 2004 election.

Clodumar is also noted for having founded and led the Centre Party.

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