Nickname(s): K-Town

Location of Kinistino in Saskatchewan

Coordinates: 52°57′N 105°02′W / 52.95°N 105.03°W / 52.95; -105.03
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
Region Saskatchewan
Census division No. 11
Rural Municipality Kinistino No. 459
Post office Founded 1883
  Mayor Leonard Margolis
  Town Manager Todd Ilnisky
  Governing body Kinistino Town Council
  MLA Batoche Delbert Kirsch
  MP Prince Albert Randy Hoback
  Total 0.98 km2 (0.38 sq mi)
Population (2011)
  Total 743
  Density 758.8/km2 (1,965/sq mi)
Time zone CST
Postal code S0J 1H0
Area code(s) 306
Highways Highway 3
Waterways Carrot River
Website Official website

Kinistino /kˈnɪstn/ is a town in Saskatchewan, Canada. Kinistino is situated in north-central Saskatchewan. It lies on rich agricultural soil in the valley of the Carrot River which flows a mile east of the town. Kinistino is located 30 km (19 mi) northwest of Melfort on Highway 3 and 65 km (40 mi) southeast of Prince Albert.

The marketing area of Kinistino includes parts of the rural municipalities of Kinistino #459, Flett Springs #429, and Invergordon #430, plus the James Smith First Nation. Although the market area along the Highway 3 is not that large to either the east or west, as one continues north and south of the Town site a fanning out process occurs. This puts the area of marketing for Kinistino at somewhere near 800 square miles (2,100 km2).


The Town of Kinistino rests upon a bedrock of shale in an area of maximum glacial lake coverage.

Kinistino is located in the Aspen parkland biome. The immediate area is one of moderate rolling hills and level stretches. The excellent soil is interspersed occasionally with bluffs of aspen and some sloughs. To the south-west lies the Waterhen Marsh and Lake (now drained and utilized for various farming purposes), while to the north approximately 20 miles (32 km) the Saskatchewan River and the Forks of the North and South branches provide a beautiful spot of coniferous forest growth.


Similar to the rest of Saskatchewan, Kinistino experiences a high variance in the seasonal temperatures. However, Kinistino is not in an area of high storm activity and the Town usually experiences only 3 blizzards per year (as compared to Saskatoon 7, and Qu’Appelle 14). Fewer thunderstorms are experienced in Kinistino than in the southern areas of Saskatchewan.

The frost-free period extends, on a 30-year average, from June 1 to September 6; hours of sunshine amount to 2,280. The precipitation averages are: rain 271.0 mm (10.67 inches); and snowfall 131.0 cm (51.6 inches).


The population of Kinistino, as reported in the 1998 census, was 702. Although this figures fluctuates from year to year, an approximate level of 700 residents has been maintained for years. The population of Kinistino is stabilized by the communities and rural municipalities surrounding it including James Smith Reserve; comprises a combined population of over another 4000 people. Currently, a change over from second to third generation farmers is occurring in the locality; this in turn offers to Kinistino years of future stability.

Canada census – Kinistino community profile
2011 2006
Population: 743 (+15.6% from 2006) 643 (-8.4% from 2001)
Land area: 0.98 km2 (0.38 sq mi) 0.89 km2 (0.34 sq mi)
Population density: 758.8/km2 (1,965/sq mi) 724.3/km2 (1,876/sq mi)
Median age: 46.6 (M: 42.5, F: 48.8) 46.2 (M: 43.8, F: 49.2)
Total private dwellings: 305 302
Median household income:
References: 2011[4] 2006[5]

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Coordinates: 52°57′N 105°02′W / 52.95°N 105.03°W / 52.95; -105.03

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