Kings of Fer Manach

Throughout the 11th and 12th centuries the Kings of Fermanagh (Fhear Manach or Fear Manach in Irish) O'hEignigh, O'Maolruanaidh and O'Dubhdara were drawn from the Kingdom of Airghialla, Other names include Oirghiall, Oriel, Airgéill and Uriel. The oldest and more correct form is Airghialla denoting both the territory and the name used to describe the inhabitants of the territory. This is stated in the early genealogies to go back to one of the Three Collas. The Ó hEignigh and Maolruanaidh septs were noted as kings of Fermanagh until becoming tributary to the Maguires (Meicc h-Uidir) around 1202.

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