Kingdom of Tonga (1900–70)

Kingdom of Tonga
Protected State of the United Kingdom
Flag Coat of arms
Location of the Kingdom of Tonga with present day borders shown.
Capital Nuku'alofa
Languages English
Religion Free Wesleyan Church
Government Monarchy under British Protection.
   1900-1918 George Tupou II (first)
  1965-1970 Tāufaʻāhau Tupou IV (last)
Prime Minister
  1900-1905 Siosateki Veikune (first)
  1965-1970 Fatafehi Tu'ipelehake (last)
Legislature Legislative Assembly
   Treaty of Friendship 18 May 1900
   End of protection status 4 June 1970
Currency Tongan pound (1921-1967)
Tongan paʻanga (1967-1970)
Preceded by
Succeeded by

From 1900 to 1970, the Kingdom of Tonga was a Protected State of the United Kingdom.


On 18 May 1900, to discourage German advances, [1] the Kingdom of Tonga became a protected state with the United Kingdom under a Treaty of Friendship signed by George Tupou II after European settlers and rival Tongan chiefs attempted to overthrow him.[2][3] Foreign affairs of the Kingdom of Tonga were conducted though the British Consul. The United Kingdom had veto power over foreign polices and finances of the Kingdom of Tonga.[4] Tonga was affected by the 1918 flu pandemic, with 1,800 Tongans killed,around eight per cent of the residents.[5] On 4 June 1970, protected state status of the Kingdom of Tonga ended. The end of the Kingdom of Tonga protected state status was arraigned by Salote Tupou III prior to her death in 1965.


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