King Xiaocheng of Zhao

King Xiaocheng of Zhao
Reign 265 BCE-245 BCE
Predecessor King Huiwen of Zhao
Successor King Daoxiang
Born unknown
Died 245 BCE
Spouse unknown
Full name
Clan name: Zhao 趙
Given name: Dan 丹
Posthumous name
King Xiaocheng 孝成王
Father King Huiwen of Zhao

King Xiaocheng of Zhao (Chinese: 趙孝成王; reigned 265 – died 245 BCE) was a king of the State of Zhao during the Warring States period of ancient Chinese. His reign saw the decline of Zhao military power owing to the catastrophic defeat by Qin at the Battle of Changping.

King Xiaocheng ascended to the throne in the midst of a military stalemate between the Qin and the Zhao over the status of Shangdang, which Han had ceded to Zhao during the reign of King Huiwen. The commander in charge of Zhao forces, Lian Po, opted for a defensive strategy of fort construction. Perhaps due to Qin accusations of Lin Po's cowardice, King Xiaocheng decided in 260 BCE to replace him with Zhao Kuo, regardless of objections from leading politician Lin Xiangru. Zhao Kuo's offensive strategy played right into the hands of Qin general Bai Qi, and ultimately cost Zhao the battle and, with it, Zhao's military pre-eminence.

King Xiaocheng died in 245 BCE and was succeeded by his son and heir, King Daoxiang of Zhao.

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