King George Tupou V Royal Family Order

King George Tupou V Royal Family Order
Ko e Fakalangilangi Fale 'Alo 'o Kingi Sia'osi Tupou V
Awarded by King of Tonga
Type Family Order
Royal house House of Tupou
Eligibility Ladies
Status Dormant
Sovereign King Tupou VI
Grand Mistress Queen Nanasipauʻu
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Dame (DKGTRFO)
Established 2008
Next (higher) Order of the Phoenix
Next (lower) Royal Household Order of Tonga
Ribbon of the order

The King George Tupou V Royal Family Order was an order conferred as a sign of personal esteem from King George Tupou V to female members of the Royal family of Tonga.


The King George Tupou V Family Order was established by His Majesty George Tupou V, The King of Tonga. The Order was established by King George in 2008 upon his accession to the throne, following the death of his father, King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV. King George modelled his Royal Family Order after those established by the British Sovereigns. The tradition of founding and conferring a Royal Family Order is intended to recognise Ladies of the Royal Family of Tonga and high-ranking female members of the Monarch's Court. The King George Tupou V Royal Family Order is not open for award to gentlemen.


The Order shows a portrait of King George Tupou V in uniform, realized in enamels upon ivory surrounded by a frame of silver and diamonds and surmounted by the royal crown of Tonga in silver and enamels.

The ribbon is in water green silk.

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