Kiltimagh railway station

Kiltimagh railway station is a currently closed railway station intended to serve the town of Kiltimagh in County Mayo. Originally the station was opened in 1895 as part of the route between Claremorris and Sligo. It was closed to passenger traffic in 1963, with goods traffic ending in 1975.[1] Following its closure, the station and surrounding area was converted in the 1980s into the Kiltimagh Museum, with displays and artefacts of local history and culture.[2]

The Western Railway Corridor is being rebuilt as part of the government's Transport 21 plan. It is intended to re-open in two stages, with the first stage covering the route between Limerick and Claremorris. The second stage, currently unfunded, would see the line restored between Claremorris and Sligo, with Kiltimagh as the first stop.

A Velo-rail (railbike) scheme is being proposed for Kiltimagh, and is due to start in the Summer of 2016. [3]

Preceding station   Iarnród Éireann   Following station
Claremorris   Commuter


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