Khujand State University

Khujand State University - Донишгоҳи Давлатии Хуҷанд - was founded in 1932 in Khujand (formerly Leninabad), Tajikistan. First it was known as a High Pedagogical Institute. During Soviet era, Khujand State University was known as Leninabad State Pedagogical Institute. Leninabad State Pedagogical Institute was renamed to Khujand State University after Tajikistan gained Independence from the USSR. This university is named after Tajik academician Bobojon Gafurov


Khujand State University was founded in 1932 in Khujand (Leninabad)


Khujand State University has 16 faculties.

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physical and technical
  3. Art and Graphics
  4. Cybernetics
  5. Foreign Languages (Arabic, English, German, Persian)
  6. Institute of Management and Computer Technology
  7. Russian philology
  8. Law
  9. Uzbek philology
  10. Pedagogical
  11. Tajik philology
  12. Oriental Studies - Eastern Languages
  13. Environmental Studies
  14. History
  15. Finance and Marketing Economy
  16. Art Faculty


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