Kfar Habad Railway Station

Kfar Habad
כְּפַר חַבָּ"ד
Israel Railways
Location Adjoining HaRakevet Quarter, Kfar Habad
Coordinates 31°59′35″N 34°51′11″E / 31.99306°N 34.85306°E / 31.99306; 34.85306Coordinates: 31°59′35″N 34°51′11″E / 31.99306°N 34.85306°E / 31.99306; 34.85306
Parking 40 spaces
Bicycle facilities 5 spaces
Opened 1952

The Kfar Habad Railway Station is a railway station in the central Israeli town of Kfar Chabad. The station lies between Lod, and Tel Aviv HaHagana. It is served by trains on the line between Binyamina and Ashkelon. The town of Kfar Habad is a Chasidic town affiliated to the Chabad movement. The station was opened in 1998 and is operated by the country's sole rail operator, Israel Railways.

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